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Zebra DelGuard 0.02in (0.5mm) Lead Mechanical Pencil

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  • Newly developed DelGuard system protects the core in all ways and no more core breakage or clogging issue.
  • Unlike other mechanical pens, the core does not break even under a certain stress or speed.
  • Equipped with spacer to fill up the gap to prevent core broken or misalignment problem due to external impact such as falling.

From the Manufacturer:

  • Zebra DelGuard system solved the trouble of core breakage or clogging.
  • Product is named after the DelGuard system, where the metal parts of the pen tip guard the core that has come out hard to break.
  • Optimize performance at school or work.
  • Lightweight. Suitable for children who use mechanical pen for the first time, or adults to take quick notes anytime at work.
  • Zebra's unique system protects the core in response to pressure from any direction.
  • Safe to use especially during a meeting or exam.
  • Prevent scattering of broken core so no worries on staining the desk or notebook.
  • Built-in internal structure fills up the gap to prevent being clogged by short core.
  • Hassle-free design helps to concentrate better on study or work.

Product Details:

  • Core diameter 0.02in (0.5mm)