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YuskinA, Chaps, Cracks, and Chilblains Cream, 4.23oz

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  • A cream that combines Vitamin E and Glycyrrhetinic acid as active ingredients to heal terribly rough skin that is cracked, chapped or has chilblains.
  • Additive ingredients such as Sodium Hyaluronate and Vitamin C lead to a soft, moist and healthy skin.
  • Yellow color of the cream is the color of Vitamin B2.
  • Recommended for those who get rough hands through their daily work or water-related housework, or people with cracked heels etc.
  • Can be used for whole body.
  • Suitable for all ages, from kids to elderly.
  • Scent of DL-Camphor disappears upon application on the skin and does not spread.


  • Rub it well on clean skin.
  • When your hands get terribly dry, apply more cream than usual.
  • Effective to use it before going to bed.
  • Cream dissolves into the skin at night and you can feel smoother fingers the next day.
  • Recommended to use cream for hand massage to promote blood circulation.

Product Details:

  • Made in Japan.