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Ujiyasu "Matcha Melting Kuzu-mochi (arrowroot mochi)" 5.3oz x 2

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  • Kuzu-mochi from Tokyo's established "Ujiyasu" is mochi for those who dislikes sweet mochi. With just the right amount of sweetness, the softness and taste of the ingredients stand out more.
  • The right amount of sweetness will spread inside the mouth when eating this mochi while drinking tea. The taste of kuzu-mochi with just the right amount of sweetness fits really well with the refined taste of tea.
  • Founded in Edo period and has been devoted to tea for more than 150 years. Tokyo's Uji-matcha shop "Ujiyasu" seeks for sweets perfect for Uji-matcha. "Ujiyasu" works alongside with "Tengyokudo", the well-known confectionary in Nara for their Yoshino honkuzu (kuzu-mochi flour), in pursuit of sweets with rich taste that will melt on your tongue.

  • Yoshino honkuzu is a beautiful white color. 35oz of arrowroot can only make 3.5oz of honkuzu. The method for extraction honkuzu is inherited since the Edo period.

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  • Product size: 6.3 x 4.2 x 1.5 in