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UHA-Mikakutou "Puccho" Prince-Kiyomi Hiroshima Fruits, Soft Candies including Gumi 10 pieces, 1 count

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  • Using puree of Kiyomizu Prince from Hiroshima.
  • These Chews Stick Pack contains 10 individually wrapped pieces.
  • It has a mouth watering flavor of orange.


Syrup, sugar, processed vegetable oil, gelatin, grape sugar liquid sugar, sterilized lactic acid bacteria beverage, concentrated fruit juice (orange, lime), citrus puree, plant allergy Ca7 appearance  Medium) Fats and oils / sweetener (sorbitol), acidulant, gelling agent (gum arabic), emulsifier, coloring agent (carotenoid), flavoring, brightening agent (partially contains milk, orange, gelatin).