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Uevo Design Cube Hold Wax 200 Refill

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  • Demi | Uevo Design Cube Hold Wax 200 Refill is a refill for hair wax with hydrolyzed eggshell membrane and pearl protein formula. A wax with strong setting power and moderate gloss that will give a sharp finish.
  • Shiny pearl formula that will give dried out hair-end stability and glossy look.

From the manufacturer:

Uevo Design Cube is a styling item that enables one to enjoy a colorful trend, texture, and individuality.

  • Plenty of gloss variation to showcase individuality.
  • With strong set power and texture index on the design to smooth item-choosing.
  • Egg membrane formula (moisturizing ingredient).
  • Faint scent of "Floral-Fruity". Adding the softness of floral bouquet aroma into green apple, pear, white peach aroma.


  • How to use: Put some amount on palm and apply to hair.
  • Caution for refilling:
    - This product is for refilling. Make sure to use the designated container.
    - To make sure no other product is mixed in, refill after confirming the container is right.
    - Refill after washing and drying the container.
    - After refilling, make sure to close the cap tightly before storing away. If stored with open cap, the quality might deteriorate.
    - After refilling, please keep the printing with the serial number. It might be needed for customer service purposes.

Product details:

  • Product size (width x depth x height) : 18.5cm×5.0cm×8.0cm