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SUCCESS Morning Hair Water Smooth Hair Mist 9.46us fl oz (280ml)

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  • Reset stubborn bed head quickly with the working of hair permeation* supporting ingredients. Dry faster than water, so morning bed head is also fixed quickly.
  • Mist type that can reset bed head quickly.
  • Gives hair a smooth finish.
  • Menthol (refreshing agent) mixture.
  • Non perfumed.
    * Trideceth-9


  • For the first time use, remove the navy blue stopper.
  • Press the handle for a few time while pointing downwards until the first spray comes out.
  • Spray from the distance of 5-10cm away until hair is damp, and arrange hair.
  • It is possible to use hairdressing afterwards.
    *Make sure to use it upright.
    *When used horizontally or upside down, the liquid might spill or not come out.
    *When the liquid does not come out, press on the handle a few times.

Product details:

  • Fixes bed head
  • Product size (width x depth x height): 161×88×67mm
  • Product summary: fixes bed head