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Sonbahyu Horse Oil Body Cream - Fragrance Free - 2.36us fl oz (70ml)

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  • A fragrance-free body cream with 100% horse oil to protect and make your skin healthy. Moisturizing and prevents rough skin. Prevents blemish and freckles caused by sunburn.
  • Ingredients: 100% horse oil
  • Size: 3.4×2×2in


  • How to use (for body use)
1. For rough palms and heels, after bath or shower, apply Son Bahyu generously onto the area until it feels sticky.
2. To prevent the paste from sticking to bed sheets or slipping on the floor, it is recommended to wear gloves or socks.
    • How to use (for face use)
    1. Directly after washing face, put a bean-sized amount and spread thinly to whole face.
    2. Wait for 5-6 minutes until it does not feel sticky before doing makeup. When using it at night or while using face massager, use a bigger amount and wipe it off later. Can also be used for neck area.

      ※For moisturizing, after bath/shower or washing face, thinly apply Son Bahyu on a steamed towel and warm your face for 2-3 minutes. You can also use other method you prefer. Apply a few times a day to moisturize chapped lips.

      ※Son Bahyu can be used as foundation for makeup, but when using other foundation afterwards, please consider each product's characteristics and use accordingly.