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Shiseido TSUBAKI Volume Touch (Soft Volume Aging Care) Shampoo 16.9us fl oz

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  • Hair and scalp double care!
    The key to beautiful hair is the softness of the scap.
  • "Tsubaki Koji* infused beauty"
    Loosens scalp and moisturizes hair to the core, giving a blissfully smooth-to-the-touch hair.
    *Tsubaki Koji S (Camellia malt extract, Sorbitol: makes hair and scalp elastic and moisturized) formula, reaches to the scalp and gives a sensation like being massaged.
  • Fluffy Volume Up
    Keeping scap healthy, giving hair bounce and fluffy volume up.
    Bouncy ingredients (Taurine, Polyquaternium-11).
  • Mixing sweet flowers and fruit to give a clear floral fruity aroma.

From the manufacturer:

TSUBAKI ツバキ ボリューム ヘアケア シャンプー 

  • TSUBAKI Volume Touch Series
    The purple for beautiful and voluminous hair
    For those concerned with the lack of springiness of hair roots due to age. Shampoo that gives bouncy and voluminous hair from the root.

    Product details:

    • Product size (widthxdepthxheight): 3.6in×2.5in×8.6in
    • Content: 16.9us fl oz