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Sakura Color Foam Eraser W 5P RFW100-5P

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  • A double range structure from foam (special foam) and polymer eraser (erasing component).
  • Light touch.
  • Dust-gathering.
  • Erases well.
  • Elastic.
  • Does not dirty easily.

From the manufacturer:


  • A tough and excellent eraser despite its generic appearance.
    What do you look for in an eraser? A lot of people wants eraser that erases well. Other than that is eraser dust that does not make a mess and the strength in erasing is also important. On top of that, people wants one that does not need a lot of strength in erasing and does not dirty the paper. This Sakura Craypas Rabbit Eraser Foam Eraser Double is exactly the eraser that completes those criterias. When you have an eraser with a lot of benefits, study and work will progress steadily.
  • Double Range Structure to increase performance
    Mixing special foam and polymer eraser to make an excellent eraser. Lighter touch and erases better than any before. The eraser dust gathering is also a special characteristic.
  • Dust-gathering that makes your desk stay clean
    Cleaning the scattered dust after erasing something is troublesome. Moreover, having small dust stuck in your note also makes it dirty and annoying. Sakura Craypas Rabbit Eraser Foam Eraser Doble can erase thick pencil mark easily without having dusts scatter about.

Product details:

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