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ROSETTE, Facial Washing Foam, Additive Free Soap 4.938oz

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  • It is non-perfumed but the ingredients have aroma so it is not odorless.
  • 100% plant-based facial cleansing foam.
  • A facial cleansing foam in cream form made from 100% plant-based cleaning base (palm oil).
  • The plant based fine bubles leaves the important moisture on skin while cleaning old dirt completely.
  • Does not contain perfume, mineral oil, preservative, colorant, and any other allergen. Recommended for delicate skin.


  • How to use: Put some amount on your palm (1-2cm circle), mix with cold or warm water until foaming and massage gently on skin. Rinse with water afterwards.

From the manufacturer:

  • Beloved long time seller. A gentle additive-free skincare.
  • Does not contain perfume, mineral oil, preservative, and colorant.
  • Cleanser made of 100% plant based materials.
  • Rich creamy foam cushion to wash your face with.
  • Non-slimy texture that can be washed off easily.
  • Moisturizing additive free cleanser that does not feel squeaky on skin.