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Rosette Facial Cleansing Paste, Acne Clear 4.23oz

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  • Dry acne countermeasures with daily facial cleansing. Adsorption off with two natural clays Sea mud & gasur.
  • Medicinal Acne Clear removes only unwanted dirt clogged in pores while leaving moisture.
  • Smooth creamy foam gently protects the skin and prevents rough skin.

 From the manufacturer:

Face wash for adults

5 types to choose from, face wash and skin trouble measures

"Rosette face wash pasta" clay series

・ Sea mud smooth (pore prevention)

・ White mud lift

・ Gasle Bright (dullness countermeasure)

・ Glacier mud cleanse (for sebum)

・ Acne clear (medicine / adult acne countermeasures)

Rosette Facial Cleansing “Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta” was the first creamy facial cleanser in Japan in 1929.

From this long-selling brand, the Rosette Facial Cleansing Pasta Clay Series was born in 2009 to combat skin problems in modern women.


What is rosette cleansing pasta ...

“Pasta” means “paste-kneaded powder”.

This name was given because it is a cream with fine particles.

It is characterized by the ease of use that can only be achieved with foam containing powder.

・ Even if a small amount, bubbles quickly

・ Easy to wash with foam cushion effect

・ Removes only dirt and rinses with moisture

The clay series contains 5 types of clay powder suitable for skin problems.


Foam pack face wash with esthetic effect of kneaded clay

The fluffy foam contains plenty of clay that has both a cleansing effect and a beauty effect.

Put it on your skin for a while and then wash it off to make your skin look smooth every time you wash your face with the pack effect.

・ Sea mud: Submarine mud nurtured by ancient nature. Numerous fine holes absorb dirt and remove it, making pores clean

・ White mud: Fine particulate mud. Mild cleansing effect removes dead skin and dirt to smooth upward skin

・ Gasur: Mud on the bottom of the lake brought up by ancient nature. Supports reincarnation of skin, removes dullness (old skin) and makes one tone brighter

・ Glacier mud: A mineral-rich, fine-grained mud. Removes excess sebum from every corner of the texture with a high adsorption power, and is smooth and sticky.


[Adult acne countermeasures] Rosette face wash pasta acne clear

For acne and skin problems. Blends W clay (sea mud & gasur) with flame retardant & moisturizing ingredients for clean, healthy skin.

Fresh green herb scent / uncolored / mineral oil