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Philips Face-wash Bizapyua Normal Skin Brush SC5990

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  • In order to maintain the cleaning power and hygiene, we recommend replacement every 3 months.
  • 10 times more cleaning power than hand-washing face * 1.


Secret of excellent cleaning power

  • Double action combining brush rotation and vertical vibration. Dirty dirt and old keratin in the back of the pores floated by the vertical vibrations are thoroughly washed with a rotating motion.
  • Because the special brush uses extra fine hair, it feels like a high-quality makeup brush. Wash gently without damaging the skin.

Clean dirt that is hard to remove

  • The tip of the brush (50-75 microns * 2) that is finer than the pores fits snugly on the skin, and dirt such as the nose and hairline that you are worried about are also turned off.
  • Removes makeup stains that are difficult to remove by hand-washing, such as sunscreen, without damaging the skin.

Brushes that can be selected according to the skin

  • A soft brush like a fine makeup brush.
  • Choose from three brushes according to your skin type and the care you need.

A solid experience

  • As a result of the survey, the women who used “Visa Pure” answered that they felt the attractiveness shown on the left compared to the previous cleansing.

Skin care effect after face washing UP * 4

  • The effect of the brush face wash by double action, it works firmly on the dirt behind the pores to make the skin clear.
  • Removes dirt that is difficult to remove with old keratin and hand-washing, and enhances the skin care effect after washing.