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Pentel Energel Knock Ballpoint Pen, 0.02in (0.5mm) Needle Tip, Black Ink

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  • Energel ink ballpoint pen.
  • For light and smooth writing.
  • Can write dark and clear letters, fast drying.
  • Quick. Just knock and write.

From the Manufacturer:

  • Pentel emphasizes on their technology to produce writing instruments that capture directly what the minds imagining, which cannot be done digitally.
  • A water-based gel ink ballpoint pen made for adults, especially for business use.
  • Can write clear, light and smooth writing.
  • Quick drying feature is suitable for writing important documents.
  • Pentel's unique gel ink is working perfectly, where the gel coming out of the pen tip quickly and liquefies on the paper, resulting in a smooth writing.
  • Designed for writing comfort.
  • Smooth writing, quick drying and clear letters may bring out one's smartness.

Product Details:

  • Length 5.8in