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Pentel Ballpoint Pen Vicuna, Extra Fine, 0.5mm, (Black, Red, Blue, Green Ink)

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  • Smooth oil-based ballpoint pen equipped with newly developed ultra low viscosity ink, Vicuna ink.
  • Multicolor ballpoint pen in black, red, blue and green. Color can be switched smoothly with the slider
  • The body design is a slim and stylish line that a transparent layered body wraps the entire axis.
  • Adopt fingerprint pitch that it is easy to grasp to grip part. Using a new lubricant for ink smoothed the rotation of the ball and reduced the writing resistance with paper.
  • The beginning of writing is also zero as much as possible, achieving a flowing writing taste.

1. Unexperienced smoothness not found in conventional oil-based ballpoint pens. Reduces ink viscosity to the limit and achieves smoothness not found in conventional oil-based ballpoint pens.

2. Unexperienced comfort. Reduces the blur at the beginning of writing to zero. A new lubricant has made this possible. It smoothens the rotation of the ball at the nib and reduces writing resistance.

    Product Details:

    • Ball diameter: 0.5 mm