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Panasonic Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE59-N

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  • Powerful drying with 1.9 ㎥/minute of strong wind
  • Speedy drying with quick drying nozzle
  • With a moisture-saving method that protects the moisture of minus ion from the heat in an external ion outlet

From the manufacturer:

  • Powerful 1.9 ㎥/minute strong wind (1) in a light model dryer (2)
    ※1:Usage without nozzle
    ※2:Within Panasonic's 1.9 ㎥/minute dryer series
  • Loosen hair bundles with the quick drying nozzle for speedy drying


    • Increase the wind power by using vertical strong wind
    • The vertical strong wind and weak wind will speedily loosen hair bundles and dry wet hair, even long and thick hair
    • With a quick drying nozzle
    • Loosens hair bundles to increase the area hit by wind
    • With external ion outlet
    • With a moisture-saving method that protects the moisture in minus ion from warm air by dividing the outlet for warm air and minus ion. Coats your hair with minus ion to give smooth and glossy hair. (※3)
      ※3:Effects may vary depending on surrounding environment (season/humidity) and individual difference.