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Oliver, Special Sauce, for Fried Dishes 12.7oz

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  • Thick Sauce Super Spicy is a source that can be used for various dishes.
  • It is especially suitable for a variety of dishes such as "Okonomiyaki", "Yakisoba", "Takoyaki" and "Fried foods".
  • The pungent ingredient (capsaicin) is about 5 times more than the usual sauce.
  • As well as being spicy, as a result of sticking to spice, finished in a rough texture.
  • No chemical seasoning, sweetener, preservative, caramel color.

Product Details:

  • Ingredients: Vegetables / fruits (tomatoes, apples, onions, etc.), sugars (sugar, glucose fructose liquid sugar), brewed vinegar (brewed vinegar, malt vinegar), salt, starch, spices, yeast extract, thickener (processed) (Starch, tamarind)