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MT Solids Washi Paper Masking Tape: 3/5" x 33' Tamago, Egg (MT01P193)

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  • Masking tape made from Washi (Japanese paper).
  • It can be torn by hand and is easy to re-position.
  • The tape can be used on paper, objects, and walls.
  • MT Washi tape is semi-transparent so it can be layered for better effect especially in crafting applications.
  • It is also easy to write on so it's great for making notes or messages.
  • The primary differences between standard crepe paper masking tape on washi tape is that washi tape is not as thick as most crepe paper masking tapes so is more conformable and works better on corners and leaves a finer line.
  • Waterproof.

Product Details: 

  • 0.6inch(15mm) × 394inch(10m)