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Shemoa, Mejika Liner, Night and Hard, Quick Eyelid Essence Stick, 0.06us fl oz (2ml)

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  • To the ideal double eyelid. Keep the double eyelids strong and powerful. Only for those who want to have a firm double eyelid, or those who want to shape your eye lids so that they eventually become double eyelids during sleep.
  • It is a strong adhesive type that can be used even when the eyelids are closed.

Firmly shaped even during holidays

  • Night & hard type only for those who want to double firmly during holidays. It is also recommended for those who want to keep the daytime double as well as the night.

Shapes your eyelids while sleeping

  • Glue your eyes while you are off to a double line.

Strong adhesive hard type

  • Keeps the double line tight with strong adhesive that can hold firmly even when the eyelids are closed.

"ONE STEP" simple duplex

  • The double line is completed without a pusher in a special container where liquid comes from the tip.

Double eyelids

  • Just draw a line with a special container with a tip instead of a pusher, and anyone can easily complete a double line.