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marusan, Liquid Miso Koji Containing Soup Stock 14.46oz

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  • The miso industry's first freshness bottle for both delicious flavor and convenience.
  • The same flavor (raw material miso) as pure Kouji is used, and it is finished with a good taste by adding soup stock.
  • Liquid miso that melts quickly. You can easily make authentic miso soup just by pouring hot water.
  • A double-structured freshness bottle that is hard to touch the air and confines the flavor.

Product Details:

  • Ingredients: Rice miso, sugar, salt, fermented seasoning (including soy), dried bonito extract, protein hydrolysate, brewed seasoning, dried bonito powder, yeast extract powder, kelp extract / sake liquor, seasoning (amino acids etc), thickening Polysaccharide