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Marukome, Miso Soup with Vegetables, "Traditional Japanese-style restaurant Flavor" Instant 1 servings 0.32oz

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  • Miso Soup with 4 kinds of vegetables (cabbage, green onion, pumpkin, carrot).
  • Miso is red and light-colored miso, seasoned with bonito and kelp stock.
  • Freeze-dried. Easy to carry for outdoor activities.

Directions :

  • Put in bowl.
  • Pour 160ml hot water.
  • Stir lightly.

Product Details: 

  • Ingredients: Rice miso, green onion, cabbage, carrot, wakame, starch, kelp extract, glucose, bonito powder, bonito extract, pumpkin, bonito extract, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), sorbitol, antioxidant (V.E)