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Mandom Lucido El Oil Treatment EX Hair Oil 2us fl oz (60mL)

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  • Argan oil series that will make your hair shine, as light as feather and supple.
  • Totally repair damaged and dry hair and make it smooth. Hair oil designed to make your hair light and supple.

From the manufacturer:


High quality smoothing hair oil to make hair as light as feather.

  • For glossy, beautiful hair as light as feather.
  • High quality smoothing hair oil.
  • While repairing damage, this product helps make your hair supple and gives it moisturizing.
  • After bath hair care, can be used for styling in the morning.

For glossy, beautiful hair as light as feather.
  • With gorgeous and luxurious floral scent fitting for women.
  • With heatproof feature to to protect hair from the source of damage such as hair dryer and hair straightener.
  • With UV cut prescription to protect hair from UV light that causes dryness and damage.

Product details:

  • Product size (width x depth x height): 52mm×52mm×172mm