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Kao, Curel Makeup Cleansing Gel, 4.58oz

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  • It is gel makeup removal to wash while protecting essential ingredient "ceramide" for healthy skin.
  • It removes makeup without strongly rubbing the skin, and protects the skin's important moisture
  • It can be washed away without sticky or slimy.
  • Weak acidity, No fragrance, No color
  • Alcohol free
  • For dry, sensitive skin that tends to repeat rough skin and body.


1. Take an appropriate amount (about 0.79 inches in diameter) on a dry hand and place it on both cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

2. Make it massage and carefully blend in with makeup. ( It is familiar with makeup by about 4 to 5 times drawing a circle in one place. For eye makeup and lipstick that are hard to fall, please carefully blend in with the hands and face not wet. )

3. Then rinse well with water or lukewarm water.

4. After use, please wash with soap for face wash.
For face wash, we recommend Curel foam face wash.