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Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, 0.014oz*32pieces

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  • Medicated enzyme facial powder cleanse your face, remove blackheads, old skin cells and impurities trapped in pores.
  • Protect firmness and moisture of the skin.
  • For all skin types, all ages.
  • Fragrance free, no artificial coloring.

From the Manufacturer:

  • Contains two types of enzymes, protease and lipase, and amino acid cleansing ingredients to remove excess sebum and oil skin cells that caused clogged pores and blackheads.
  • Result in clean and smooth skin.
  • Protect skin's moisture while cleansing.


    • Take a capsule of powder onto your palm.
    • Add water to foam up to a nice lather.
    • Work into skin in gentle, circular motions while not touching your hand directly on the skin.
    • Rinse thoroughly and make sure to remove all face wash. 

      Product Details:

      • Made in Japan.