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Kameda-Seika, Rice Crackers, Soy Sauce 4.2oz

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  • Crunchy, crushed rice crackers with rich taste of soy sauce that spreads and penetrates one's mouth.
  • Kameda Seika's original taste that does not change through the years.
  • From a rice-producing region, Niigata city in Niigata prefecture.
  • Rice crackers for many different occasions such as for children's snack or adult's tea confectionery.

From the manufacturer:


  • Kameda Seika Rice Crackers's "Special Technique": Secret of deliciousness 1 "Crush"
    "Special Technique" is seasoning the rice crackers after baking them with a special soy sauce. The whole rice crackers are crushed on purpose to make it easy to pick and eat in one bite. The difference in the shape and size of the pieces makes for various chewing fun.
  • Kameda Seika Rice Crackers's "Special Technique": Secret of deliciousness 2 "Penetrating"
    The once seasoned soy sauce flavored rice crackers are then doused in special soy sauce with 'tamari soy sauce' base until the cracks are covered in the sauce. The rich soy sauce flavor is attained with this 2-steps "Special Technique" seasoning. Because each pieces have different level of soy sauce depending on the cracked part, even one piece can have multiple level of richness of the soy sauce.