Kagaya Rice Cracker, Kyoto-Box "Gathering of Taste" 3.5oz

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  • Using Yuzen Washi paper to make a chiyo box, several types of one-bite light textured rice crackers are placed inside. Enjoy the taste and aroma of light textured thin rice crackers made from 100% domestic Koshihikari rice and carefully selected ingredients. The box can be re-used after finishing the crackers.
  • Content: 3.5 oz
  • Expiration date: 120 days 
  • Sweet and spicy soy sauce
  • Product size (length×width×height): 200×173×66mm
  • Recommended gift for multiple occasions.


  • The hand-colored Yuzen Washi paper and chiyo paper is purchased directly by Kagaya Beika, and is made one by one by a specialist in hand-made box craftsman.
  • The pattern is not customizable.

From the manufacturer:



  • Kagaya Beika, since its founding 85 years ago, is insistent on using domestic raw materials.
    Integrated production system continuing from rice stocking and manufacturing.
    Drawing out the material's benefit as much as possible and delivering to customers is our creed.
  • Utmost deliciousness within rice.
    Uruchi-rice is washed and ground meticulously in order to draw out the umami taste within the rice.
  • Does not use mixed ingredients.
    This product does not mix the ingredients in order to retain the taste.
  • Fire-baked to bring out taste.
    Baked with fire to bring out the aroma. Other than charcoal and gas fire, also uses electric rice cooker with company-set adjustment of heat level and humidity to fit each type of rice crackers.