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Japan Hair Products - Create Ion Curl Pro SR-32 Diameter 32mm C73310

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  • Hair curl iron for professional.
  • Great operation and quality.
  • To produce fresh and quality hair curls in short time.
  • Long lasting, shining and bouncy beautiful curls.

From the Manufacturer:

  • Surface of pipe is made of Titanium ion with good hair slippage and high durability.
  • Highly elastic Silicon rubber ion that fits gently on the hair is used in making the pipe.
  • By applying a proper amount of tension, it gives you shining and bouncy beautiful curls.
  • Equipped with two high thermal efficiency ceramic heaters. The temperature increases quickly, while the temperature drop during use is minimized.

  • It is designed to prevent hand slip and easy to use.
  • Malfunction prevention function allows switching between lock and unlock when pressing the button two times consecutively.
  • Ten stages of temperature control from 120 to 210℃ (10℃ per step) is available. The temperature display will stop blinking when it reaches the set temperature.

Product Details:

  • Size L13.4 x H3.1 x W2.0in
  • Power 100V AC, 50W
  • One year warranty
  • Plate and pipe surface temperature 120 to 210℃ (10 stages of temperature control)
  • Cord length: 118.1in, pipe length: 5.3in
  • With automatic power off function