Nihonsakari Komenuka Bijin Makeup Remover, Rice bran extract + Collagen + Super hyaluronic acid 3.52oz

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  • A gentle and mild makeup remover made from from plant based ingredients.
  • Cleans makeup dirt from pores with wash and rinse type remover.
  • Contains 3 moisturizing components, rice bran extract, collagen, super hyaluronic acid. 
  • Non perfumed, colorant-free, low acidity.
  • Does not use mineral oil surfactant.
  • Tested for allergies.

From the manufacturer:

日本酒メーカー発のスキンケアシリーズ å°ã•ãªç±³ã¬ã‹ã®ä¸­ã®å¤§ããªãƒ‘ワー

  • Skincare series developed by a Japanese sake maker
    Nihonsakari is a brewery with hundred years of history.
    Taking inspiration from the use of 'rice bran' that is the result of sake making process that has been used as beauty product since ancient times.
    The natural cosmetic, "Komenuka Bijin" series is produced from the particularity of Japanese sake maker.
  • Big power inside the small rice bran
    The rice bran used in "Komenuka Bijin" series is 100% domestic Japanese rice.
    Within the 3 types of rice bran produced from the brewing process, only 5% of the overall product, the high quality "shironuka" is used.
  • Within rice bran
    Contains Vitamin E that is said to protect the glow and elasticity of skin.
    Vitamin B complex, calcium, amino acid, and iron
    Contains a lot of natural nutrients with beauty effects.


  • How to use: Put some amount on clean palm (approx 0.5-1in), spread evenly on whole face. After the makeup has been lifted, rinse with cold or warm water. After washing face, it can also be used as massage cream.