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Fancl, Mild Cleansing Oil, 4us fl oz (120mL)

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  • Japan's number #1 cleansing according to Fuji Keizai [Marketing Handbook of Cosmetics 2019]  (based on achievement in 2018)
  • Can be used for those who uses the common glue for eyelashes extension (Cyanoacrylate).
  • Cleansing oil with "Smooth Off-Oil A" and "Pore Smoothing Oil" formula that lifts and cleanses hard to remove makeup, grittiness, blackhead that clogs pores together. Protects moisture while cleansing so small lines caused by dry skin will not be noticeable. Tested for efficacy evaluation to lessen small lines caused by dry skin.
  • FANCL Additive free: Does not use preservative, perfume, synthetic dye,  petroleum based surfactant, and UV absorber.



  • Recommended amount is 2 pumps.
    Using too little amount will cause friction that will damage skin. Make sure to use the recommended amount.
  • Apply gently to makeup or dirt.
    It will remove makeup and dirt smootly even without rubbing. Spread gently without putting pressure.
  • Rinse with cold or warm water.
    It is recommended to use body-temp water. Water from shower might hurt skin so it is best to avoid.

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