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FANCL Facial Washing Powder 1.76oz Cleansing Foaming Moisture

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  • Powder facial that gently cleanses face with dense foam.
  • Completely cleanses skin problems such as sebum, comedo, and blackheads. It will turn cosmetic lotion used afterwards to skin layer and make small lines caused by dryness unnoticeable.
    (Evaluated and tested for efficacy to lessen small lines caused by dryness.)


石けんなどで手を洗います。 æ‰‹ã®ã²ã‚‰ã«æ´—顔パウダーを出します。

大きな円を描くように、空気を含ませながら泡立てます。 ã‚‚っちりキメ細かくなるまで泡立てます。

  • Wash hands with soap
    Remove the sebum and dirt from hands. Also wash hands if wearing hand cream.
  • Put the cleansing powder on palm.
  • Spread a teaspoon amount of powder thinly on palm.
  • As if making a big circle, make foam while inserting air.
  • Add warm water little by little, make foam while inserting air.
  • Bring foam until the texture becomes dense and fine.