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Etuze Mascara Base Rush Upgrade Version 0.21oz

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  • Waterproof mascara base that is strong against sweat, sebum, and water. Keeps even lowered eyelashes curled up.
  • Can be used as mascara as it does not turns white.
  • Non-perfumed.

    From the manufacturer:

    Long lasting curl up no matter what mascara is added.

    ラッシュバージョンアップ ラッシュバージョンアップ

    Upgrade the volume and length of the mascara you already have.

    • Just apply before your mascara and upgrade the volume and length.
    • A mascara base with cupie curl prescription, keeps lowered eyelash up for long hours.
    An excellent item you can use on its own
    • Comb design that lifts from the root instantly.
    • Clear black liquid mixed with black fiber that does not whiten, an excellent item that can be used on its own. Mixed with double beauty essence ingredients. (Hair moisturizing hyaluronic acid and arginine).
    • Black mascara base that increase the length, thickness and volume of your eyelashes.



    • After curling with bueller (eyelash curler), put the comb on the roots and apply to the tip as if lifting up your eyelashes.
    • Afterwards, apply your usual mascara.