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DHC, Eyelash Tonic

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  • Eyelash tonic developed in order to give lively and attractive eyelashes. Use as mascara base to increase the effect of mascara.
  • Perfume-free. Colorant-free. Paraben-free. Natural ingredients formula. Mild acidity.

From the manufacturer:


  • Eyelash tonic made for those who want thick eyelashes that leave long impression
    DHC Eyelash Tonic is made with a mixture of various conditioning ingredients such as Swertia japonica extract and placenta extract.
    The effect of the right treatment will give springy and glossy eyelashes. Low acidity that lessen irritation to sensitive eyes and gentle to the eyelashes. Wide range of use starting from mascara base, eyelash care at night, and treatment after eyelash perm or extension.
    Perfume-free. Colorant-free. Paraben-free. Natural ingredients formula. Mild acidity.


  • Treatment for damaged eyelashes
    These few years, many kinds of eyelash makeup item such as eyelash perm and extension, hot eyelash curler, and mascara coating have been getting popularity. But doing all these might force extreme burden on eyelashes that cause eyelashes to break or fall out. That is where DHC Eyelash Tonic will help with conditioning eyelashes that have been damaged. The brush will take eyelashes one by one and coats the gel lotion evenly to the tip. Makes eyelashes shine and impressive.

Product details:

  • Content: 6.5mL
  • Product size (width×depth×height): 1.1×0.7×3.9 in