DHC Clarifying Pore Cover Base

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  • Medicated pore cover base that will instantly cover all kinds of pore problems such as stretched pores, black pores, open pores.
  • Anti-shine powder that will absorb excess oil, keeping skin smooth and preventing shine and sticky feeling for hours from the moment it is applied.
  • Lessening 68% of rough-feeling skin compared to bare skin.
  • Making the surface of skin smoother while covering problematic pores and uneven skin, with natural and smooth finish like bare skin.
  • Perfume free. Paraben free.

From the manufacturer:

  • Acne-prone, open pores, oily face... To cater to those with the problems, Medicated Acne Care Base Make Series. The whole series contain medicinal ingredients that will prevent rough skin and acnes while covering problematic areas. With a natural and smooth soft skin finish and prevents shininess.
  • Acne prone skin will get inflammed when exposed to UV-ray and leads to worsening of acnes outbreak. Because of that, it is important to protect your skin from UV-ray. The whole series contains UV protection ingredients that will protect your skin from UV-ray.
  • Gain healthy skin with DHC unique skincare idea that combines ingredients that prevent rough skin (concentrated olive leaf extract) and ingredients that tighten skin (extract) that are extracted with special manufacturing method.
  • All products are tested for non-comedogenic and alergies.


    • After routine skincare, put some amount (around a grain of rice) on fingertip.
    • Spread on problematic pores, uneven or sticky parts.
    • Spread thinly until skin feels smooth.