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Curel, Scalp Moisturizing Lotion 4us fl oz (120ml)

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  • Curel's “Ceramide Care”

    What is "ceramide care" to protect and supplement

    Dry sensitive skin tends to lack the essential ingredient “ceramide”. The barrier function that protects the skin from external stimuli is reduced, making it easier to repeat rough skin and gritty problems. It is important to keep the skin moist and resistant to skin roughening with skin care that protects and supplements the original “ceramide” of the skin and helps the skin's barrier function.

    Curel's “Ceramide Care *” uses two approaches, washing and moisturizing, to protect and supplement the function of the essential component of the skin, “Ceramide”, and to help moisturize the skin by functioning as a barrier.

    * Care to protect and supplement ceramides


  • For healthy, moisturized skin that does not cause rough skin due to external stimuli

    Cleaning: Protecting with “ceramide”

    When you wash your face and body, it is easy for “ceramide” to flow out along with the cleaning fee. Curer pays attention to protect and wash "ceramide". It is a prescription that does not affect the stratum corneum, and it is washed while protecting “ceramide”.

    Moisturizing: Effectively supplements the function of "ceramide", helps the skin barrier function and moisturizes

    Originally developed “ceramide functional ingredient *” penetrates into every corner of the stratum corneum.

    It supplements the function of “ceramide” and moisturizes the gaps between stratum corneum cells. Helps the barrier function to protect the skin from external stimuli, and keeps the skin healthy and moisturized with high density, which does not cause rough skin by external stimuli.


    • If "ceramide" is enough ...

      High barrier function and less likely to cause rough skin

      Skin filled with sufficient “ceramide” has a high barrier function and is not easily damaged by external stimuli. The skin surface is moisturized and textured.