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Chano-Shizuku Shizuoka Prefecture Brown Rice Tea, containing Matcha, Powder Type 3.2oz

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  • Content: 3.2oz (approx. 450 cups or 180 pet bottles). Zip-up standing bag for open/closing safety.
  • From Shizuoka prefecture that is prominent in tea production. A powdered brown rice tea made from collaboration with tea maker who is very particular about brown rice tea. The brown rice used is used by perfectly distributing 2 kinds of uruchi-rice. By mixing the richness and fragrance of brown rice with Shizuoka-produced high quality "matcha" and "houjicha", it results in a highly fragrant and full bodied taste.
  • A masterpiece brown rice tea that will make one exclaims "Delicious!" the moment it enters mouth because of the rich fragrance and full-bodied texture.
  • High quality matcha ground with special manufacturing method that keeps the nutrients intact. Absorb whole the healthy components. Used domestic brown rice and Shizuoka prefecture fresh "houjicha" and "matcha". A fresh tea with rich fragrance and taste.

The best two kinds of sticky rice selected.

High-quality matcha tea from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Rich green tea from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Authentic two-stage roasting.