Calbee Jagarico Potato butter 2.0oz, 1 count

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  • A stick-type snack with a unique texture that allows you to enjoy the crispy and crunchy texture. 
  • Reproduce the taste of "Jagar Butter" with butter on steamed potatoes.
  • By kneading "ara salt" with butter, the moderate saltiness complements the richness of butter and has a taste that matches the flavor of potatoes.
  • A cup type that is easy to carry around when you start eating it.

From the manufacture:

Package secret

  • There is a deep reason for the cup type. Jagariko started with "Let's make potato sweets that high school girls can walk in their bags."


Name secret

  • This name comes from the idea that a friend of a developer is eating a new potato candy deliciously. The friend's name is Rikako. Potato Morika → Jagarikako

Giraffe's secret

  • All the giraffes in Jagari's package say a line saying “If you start eating, there will be no giraffe”.
  • The giraffe's thinking is that when you eat garlic, you'll be glad if you're not only "delicious" but also "fun".

Secret of deliciousness

  • Jagariko is a step of slicing potato-> steaming-> slicing-> seasoning-> shaping into sticks-> drying-> frying-> filling in cups.
  • It is carefully made every day with Calbee's unique manufacturing method and equipment.