Calbee Jagarico Potato butter 2.0oz, 1 count

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Product Details:
Contents: 1.96 us fl oz × 0.40 • Calories: 293 Kcal per 1.96 us fl oz of cup • Ingredients: Potato (not genetically modified), vegetable oil, whey powder (dairy products), dextrin, butter (using 100% from Hokkaido), salt, batter, potato powder, sugar, skimmed milk powder, parsley, lactose, emulsifiers (soybeans Including casein), sodium casein, flavor, seasoning (amino acid etc.), antioxidant (VC, VE) • Product size (width × depth × height): 10.5 × 3.6 × 13.7 inch

Product Introduction:
A stick-type snack that has the pleasant texture of "First crispy and later crispy" with a unique recipe. We have put the butter on the steamed potatoes and reproduced the taste of "butter".
By mixing the "arious salt" with the butter, a moderate salty taste brings out the richness of the butter, and the taste matched with the potato flavor.
Cup type is convenient to carry.
Package secret:
There is a deep reason for the cup type. "The potato starts with the idea that "you can make a potato cake that a high school girl can walk with in a bag."

Secret of the name:
This name was conceived after seeing how a friend of the creator ate a newly made potato snack.
The friend's name is Rikako. Potato rice cake → potato cake → It's a real story like a lie.