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BULK HOMME The Face Wash for Men, 3.52oz

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  • Not simply just a face wash to remove dirt throughout the day, but also to protect the skin moisture.
  • Get rid of the excess stuff and leave only what the skin needs.
  • A simple, limitless idea was born; The Face Wash.
  • Rich foam cushion, raw-soap formula soften friction at the time of washing.
  • Enriched with selective adsorption function, which removes excess sebum and dirt, leaves only moisturizing ingredients.
  • Contains beauty ingredients common to skin care while cleansing.

From the Manufacturer:



  • Take an appropriate amount of The Face Wash on a bubble net.
  • Mix it with air and water to lather.
  • Spread it over the face. Wash gently without rubbing it.
  • Focus on concerned area with excess oil such as nose and forehead etc.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Product Details:

  • For normal skin type.