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Bioré, UV Athlizm Skin-protect Essence Sunblock 2.47oz (70g) SPF50+/PA++++

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  • Suitable skin types: All skin types
  • Fragrance: White floral fragrance (includes no artificial fragrance)
  • Super water-proofing (Non-Comodegenically tested to last for 80 minutes)
  • Also works as makeup foundation
  • Tested to withstand hot and humid environments and is tough against sweat and friction (between skin and clothes etc) with newly integrated ToughBoostTech
  • Skill will feel smooth after application with Moist Touch Essence
  • Prevents dryness of skin with Hyaluronic acid and Royal Jelly Extract (Moisturizing contents)


    • Apply suitable amounts on hand and spread evenly across skin. (There may not be effects if you apply less than the suitable amount)
    • Make sure it does not come in contact with liquids or fabrics immediately after application. Please wait until it dries off before doing so.
    • To make sure the effects will last, reapply a small amount after wiping off sweat.
    • In order to remove the sunblock, wash thoroughly with soap when applied to body parts; and with makeup remover or facial foam when applied on face. (If it doesn't come off in the first try, thoroughly repeat the steps above again.)