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Be89 White Body Cream, Stain Darkening Care Cream for Delicate Area, 1oz

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  • A luxurious whitening body cream for body care and maternity use.
  • Contains 2 active ingredients, Arbutin to suppress the production of melanin that caused blackheads, and Tranexamic acid to prevent rough skin.
  • Small tube type, simple design, convenient and easy to carry.
  • Suitable to use when pregnant or nursing.
  • Use for whitening and skin lightning of body, acne, rough skin, nipple, underarms, elbow, VIO, knees etc.
  • Recommended to keep using it and you may see the result after 28~58 days, which is an average skin turnover cycle.


  • Use it after taking shower, twice a day.
  • Apply to areas where darkening and dullness are concerned.

Product Details:

  • Made in Japan.