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ASTRAEA V EYE BEAUTY FIXER Water Proof 0.27us fl oz (8mL)

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From the manufacturer:

  • ASTRAEA V EYE BEAUTY FIXER is a waterproof double eyelid makeup that is strong against sweat and water.
  • With amazing adhesive force and cohesion, a long lasting double eyelid.
  • Get a natural-looking doble eyelid just by applying and pressing on eyelid.
  • It is possible to apply eye makeup on top.
  • With rosemary extract and chamomile extract mixture.


How to use:

  • Wipe eyelid with cotton or tissue. For those with a lot of eye mucus, it is recommended to wash face before applying.
  • Look into the mirror, while pushing with the pusher, make sure that the double eyelid line is made.
  • Apply 1-2mm away from eyelash line. To make double eyelid lines on the middle of the eyelid, apply EYE BEAUTY FIXER in a 4-6mm wide oval shape. Avoid thick coating. Spread evenly to prevent unevenness.
  • After EYE BEAUTY FIXER changes color from white to transparent (approx 2 minutes), lightly push on the middle part of eyelid with the pusher. Open eyes slowly.
  • Quickly remove the pusher. And then as if folding the eyelid, push the pusher from the inner corner to the end corner. 

Product details:

  • Content:8ml
  • Size (outside packaging):114*54*28(mm)
  • Waterproof type that is strong against sweat and water. With amazing adhesive force and cohesion, a long lasting double eyelid.