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All-in-One Seat Mask Moist EX 50 Sheets BOX

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  • All-in-one sheet mask that serves three functions of lotion, emulsion and beauty essence in one sheet.
  • Moist EX contains as many as 35 cosmetic ingredients, including "Baby collagen", "Hyaluronic acid", "Ceramide" and "Vitamin C derivatives", which are said to be present only in childhood.
  • This is a best-selling sheet mask that achieves no preservatives and no additives, and is recommended for people with sensitive skin.

From the manufacturer:

  • "Moist moisturizing with collagen. To the skin with firm elasticity.": The all-in-one sheet mask is a sheet mask that can perform high-quality, low-impact care with simple care of "one care completed" with three functions of lotion, beauty fluid, and emulsion with one sheet. It contains 35 kinds of beauty ingredients in a luxurious manner, focusing on moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and baby collagen. We adopt 100% cotton sheet (organic cotton combination) which we woven only with power of water and realize safety and comfort to skin, high adhesion. In addition, the large-capacity type is easy to take out by the convenient BOX with lid, and the ease of use has also evolved. It is safe for people with sensitive skin by using 8 features such as "preservative-free", which is designed with consideration to the skin.
  • High moisturizing essence 24.69oz
  • 35 kinds of cosmetic ingredients
  • Gently woven with 100% cotton sheet (containing organic cotton)
  • High moisturizing hyaluronic acid tripled
  • Advanced preservative-free (no additive)
  • Box type with lid that can be opened easily with one hand
  • An eyelid mask that can cover your eyes well