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WelTech, Fluoride Gel Coat F, 3.17oz

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  • It can be used as a toothpaste or as a fluoride coating agent. Fluoride strengthens teeth and promotes remineralization.
  • Prevents caries and periodontal disease by incorporating a germicide.
  • Prevention of bad breath.
  • No foaming agent (foaming component).
  • Abrasive free.
  • No coloring.


  • When used as a toothpaste after meals, it is usually about 2 to 3 times a day.
  • When using as a fluorine coating agent, use it once plus after brushing.
  • It is particularly effective to rinse lightly and only once after using it at bedtime.

Product Details:

  • It can be used about 300 times by using about 0.3 g at one time.
  • The warranty period is 3 years unopened, several months after opening.