Uni Ballpoint Pen Jetstream 3 Color Black, Red, Blue Ink, 0.015in (0.38mm)

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  • Knock type, oil-based ballpoint pen.
  • Equipped with super low friction jetstream ink.
  • The world's first breakthrough ink that achieved smooth writing with small resistance.
  • Quick drying ink avoid dirty hands.
  • Twin-ball mechanism prevents back flow of ink.
  • Built-in spring tip prevents ink leakage from the pen tip.

From the Manufacturer:

  • Jetstream 3 is a single pen with 3-color cores.
  • Useful in all situations such as working, studying, taking notes anytime or writing a letter etc.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.
  • The ink used in the Jetstream series features a smooth writing feel and can write clean lines even at low writing pressure.
  • Pen tip is designed to match the ink to achieve rich and smooth writing.
  • Quick drying among the oil-based ink. No worries on getting dirty hands.
  • Equipped with spring tip and twin-ball mechanism to prevent ink leakage and back flow.
  • Extremely thin 0.015in (0.38mm) ball diameter is useful for writing delicate characters.
  • Combination of fine tip and quick drying ink help to write neat and non-blurry letters.
  • Refillable ink/core.

Product Details:

  • Size (Diameter x Thickness x Length): 0.5in x 0.6in x 5.7in
  • Weight 0.41oz
  • Ink colors: Black, red, blue